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Gerhard Bley - Det Empatiska Ledarskapet

Empathetic leadership

Sustainable results and sustainable employees

Gerhard Bley - Det Empatiska Ledarskapet

Gerhard Bley has held top-level executive positions in business since the 1990s. As CEO of O. Kavli AB, he introduced his new leadership method, Empathetic Leadership. The results were striking.

Gerhard Bley holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University and completed a graduate program in Business and Financial Management at the University of Arizona. After finishing school, he embarked on a career in business, quickly rising to higher and higher positions at companies such as Arla, Arvid Nordqvist and Tempur. In the mid-1990s, he went through a deep life crisis, which prompted a long period of questioning and soul-searching. Gerhard sought the help of professional coaching from a number of leading therapists, mainly working in the field of Gestalt therapy. It was from this work that his leadership method – Empathetic Leadership – eventually emerged. In this method, Gerhard Bley weaves together his own personal development with his extensive experience in business.


In the new book, the secret behind empathic leadership is revealed and how to actually make this ground-breaking approach work in an organization. Many speak warmly of a more human leadership, but few, if any, companies or leaders have the stamina or ability. At Kavli, however, we showed that it works and the book reveals how empathetic leadership could lead to a unique metamorphosis of the company, the culture and above all the results.

Det empatiska ledarskapet

Read my book about what I launched back in 2012 as Empathetic Leadership. Today, it is a model followed by many. The book gives you a personal account of my own leadership development and how this has formed the principles for how Empathetic Leadership can be built.

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Get help introducing Empathetic Leadership into your organization.



Gerhard Bley is a popular speaker at conferences, workshops and seminars.


Gerhard Bley also offers assistance to management teams and other groups who would like to introduce Empathetic Leadership into their organizations.


Gerhard enjoys mentoring young people in both the public and private sectors.


Welcome to Empathetic Leadership

Gerhard Bley - Det Empatiska Ledarskapet
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